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During a merger or acquisition, finding the right senior staff and executive leadership who will push the company forward is a top priority– and sticking to a timeline is a close second. While mergers and acquisitions typically leave a sour taste behind for the employees of an acquired company, proper talent management can help an organization to meet its short- and long-term initiatives. Our team is accustomed to working with companies who are on a tight timeline as part of their transition process.

When we partner with a company going through a major transition, we take the time to evaluate the talent needs they will have as a result of the change. From there, we take a proactive approach to find the right talent to fill any gaps and help make the merger or acquisition a smooth success.

Our strength is in identifying the right candidates to fill leadership positions. We search tirelessly for leaders who fit the culture and have the skills to smoothly transition companies and departments after a merger or acquisition.

To make for an even smoother transition, many companies bring us in to help with succession planning. Succession planning allows us to identify and understand the current bench strength, and then mix in the right external talent to complement the team. Our succession experts can work to implement hiring programs and leadership structures that will increase the value and attractiveness of an organization as well.


A client going through a major transition needed to fill 15 key positions within five months– another 10 salaried positions, and nearly 100 hourly positions were also on the backlog. Our team was able to quickly fill the 15 key roles, as well as an additional two HR employees who could handle the next wave of hiring, saving the company thousands in staffing fees for the additional salaries and hourly workers. Our experienced talent managers helped the company to develop plans for sourcing, recruiting and recognizing their employees– leading to an 80 % decrease in turnover. One year later, the hiring plan has been fully executed. The talent management program is running smoothly, leaving the HR team with steady, but manageable hiring needs. Hire Smarter.